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Credits Receives European Crypto License for Expansion

The Credits team finally enters the European market, and for this, it has obtained a crypto license. The company plans to reach new heights of a global network by developing new ideas and implementing modern technology.

For some countries, the main legislative transformation is establishing special permission, allowing companies dealing with cryptocurrencies to perform digital currency exchange. Credits aim to use blockchain technology in IT solutions and business. It creates transactions and stores these transactions and data by using “autonomous smart contracts.” 

The company plans to ensure that transactions are effectively carried out and to expand its user base. Credits has also introduced new partner-acquirers, and consequently increased opportunities for users. One of the partners is Axcess Merchant Services, which will assist the internal currency of the company. This support will be provided by accepting Mastercard and Visa cards and by implementing tools to prevent fraud. This will ensure reliable and smooth blockchain working.

The most important step in developing payment technology was in obtaining the crypto license. This was important for the company’s business niches.

The new benefits of the crypto activities include –

· Virtual value legislation

· Tax-free CS currency

· License for versatile exchange of fiat and virtual currency

· Official license for crypto-wallet

Users will have access to Credits Mobile Wallet, blockchain technology-based. The Wallet has all the new features, as given below –

· Zero fees

· Instant transactions

· Global Accessibility is an online financial company that supports online transfers and e-payment solutions with the help of traditional methods and blockchain technology. It uses modern solutions for payment like P2P with stablecoins, cryptocurrencies, and several other products. Traditional partners include SWIFT, SEPA, Visa/MC.

The mission of Credits is the globalization of online payments, making it instant, simple, and inexpensive.

All the information on the platform is secure as it follows the “Proof-of-Agreement protocol.”

Axcess and Credits Partnership

Credits announced its partnership with Axcess Merchant Services, which is a British payment gateway. The company works with several banking partners and is known to provide effective and reliable payment solutions. Axcess works with merchants to find out their requirements and then find the perfect banking solution for them. They have connections with more than 390 banks.

Credits Mobile Wallet App

Axcess will accept Mastercard and Visa Cards in Credits’ Mobile Wallet app, which was released in May 2020. The key features of the Mobile Wallet app are –

  • Cashbacks
  • Cryptocurrencies such as ETH, CS, Stablecoins, and BTC which will be added later
  • Bank Transfers
  • Mastercard
  • KYC procedure
  • Registration of account via email and SMS
  • Account opening on Credits blockchain
  • In-app fund storage
  • History of external and internal transactions
  • CS cryptocurrency purchase through 3rd party

At present, the Mobile wallet is undergoing internal testing. It will be available for public download after the tests are successful.

The partnership between Credits and Axcess will help in the implementation of blockchain technology and CS coin in several services. There is also the opportunity in the acceptance of new products such as Stablecoins and Credits Wallet.

Another added advantage of this partnership is Axcess’s vast experience in monitoring collective fraud and preventing it. The company conducts “continuing chargeback and fraud alert data aggregation and analysis.” As a result, they can project calculations and avoid threshold breaches. This also helps them proactively deal with 3rd party fraud.

About Credits

It is a decentralized and open-source platform that helps in developing and executing decentralized applications and smart contracts. The company offers both private and public solutions that are suitable for B2B and B2C markets, getting rid of issues like uncertainty and trust. One of the unusual features of Credits is its high-speed blockchain platform.

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