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I Would Never Invest One Cent In Bitcoin, Says Ryanair Ceo

We are up with another negative news about bitcoin, and the news comes from none other than the CEO of major budget airline Ryanair. In an interview given to the Times, Ryanair CEO bashed bitcoins and said that he would not even invest one cent in bitcoins. This is one of the harshest and negative comments received by the bitcoin community.

Ryanair CEO compared Bitcoins to a Ponzi scheme and said that he asks all investors to beware of a Ponzi scheme like Bitcoin.

Michael O’Leary is the CEO of the budget airline Ryanair, and he has advised the investors to stay away from making any kind of bitcoin investment. Michael said that people with even a shred of common sense should try to stay away from spending their hard-earned money in a plague-like bitcoin.

This is not the first time that bitcoin has received a negative comment from a big businessman like the CEO of Ryanair. Many influential people all over the world have said rude and insensitive things about bitcoins. Many people think that bitcoin is here to lure people into investing hard cash, and they will get nothing in return as many countries in the world will not accept any payment in bitcoin. Thus, there are hundreds of theories about bitcoin.

What was the point made by Michael O’Leary?

Michael O’Leary was referring to a crypto scam named bitcoin lifestyle. This cryptocurrency claimed to have the approval of Michael O’Leary, and thus, he was frustrated with this whole situation.

A fake news report said that O’Leary shocked the world by showing how much money he was making by investing in bitcoin. Thus, it was said that O’Leary was calling bitcoin an automated trading machine which will make you rich in no time.

Michael O’ Leary bashed this news article as well as any investment in bitcoin:

Nowadays, using the name of a big industrialist, businessmen, or an actor is a common way of promoting any product. This is one of the best ways to gain credibility among investors and customers. In April Last year, it was claimed that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Prince Harry and Meghan Merkle were involved in bitcoin investment.

Thus, Michael O’Leary advised all investors and bashed all news articles that claimed that he was investing in bitcoins.

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